UNDER 100 v.o.c.

As you can see from the pictures;
this is not the average lackluster - over priced product.
This is a new generation of enhancement !

848 Color Enhancer is primarily designed for semi-porous stones like travertine,
marble and granite...but is beautiful on limestone, sandstone,
cantera, natural stones.

If you are looking to enhance slate,  concrete pavers, stamped concrete or other porous stones;
check out our Semi Gloss 646, or Ultra High Gloss 686.
They both enhance and seal.


 848 Color Enhancer Safety Data Sheet

USES: 848 Color Enhancer is great on travertine, marble, granite, slate, limestone, sandstone, natural stones and brick.
Remember to use the correct product for each application. This product was developed for fine stones such as travertine, that are not porous enough for a tile sealer. "Always" test first on an un-installed
piece to ensure you understand results! When you are looking to seal and bring out colors on porous stones; the semi gloss 646, and high gloss 686 will give you depth of color similar
to this product, and will give more of a film forming look. They are also more easy to work with.

DESCRIPTION: 848 is a new type of product. 848 Color Enhancer is a water-based hybrid epoxy/ alkyl resin modified with proprietary catalysts to create a new type of finish. This product
needs to be lighlty applied then buffed. This is not applied like a sealer where you just brush on multiple coats, and walk away, but as you can see from the pictures; it is wo.rth the extra effort.

848 is used on natural stones to seal, and enhance with amazing depth of color never seen before in older generations of enhancers. Our enhancer lives up to the meaning of WET LOOK, while maintaining the most natural look of any product sold.

Clarity of color is excellent with 848, no lack-luster, dirty, or motor oil looking attempt at an enhancer on your prized project. You will walk away from your job knowing it is stunning! Check out the pictures here on this site, and be sure you read all the most up to date information here on the best methods for applying 848. You can use 848 as a one coat product just to enhance and seal, or multiple coats to obtain finishes on certain stones that can have the depth, and complexity of Onyx. Again test first on un-installed piece.

Make new stones have depth and color. Take lifeless old stones, and bring life them back to them. 848 is an excellent sealer. Most enhancers seal as an after thought. This is a serious sealer. Use this product as a pre-grout sealer, and finish sealer, imparts excellent stain and water resistancy both indoors and exterior. 848 creates a look never seen before on stones.
Test on an un-installed stone to be sure of desired results, including depth of shine, drying, curing times, slip resistance and sealing ability.

848 has very interesting drying characteristics. Because it is low v.o.c and an alkyl epoxy resin; it is a slow drying and slow curing product. But when the surface is buffed with a rag, or towel, or is buffed wih a buffer after application; surface drying can be approximately 10 minutes or so at room temperature, but the deeper part of the coating dries very slowly. This gives you the ability in the first day or two to work more in 848, re-polish the surface. When you are finished applying the product; let the enhancer/ polish cure into a durable solid surface, imparting impressive sealing capability.

This product is under 100 v.o.c., and complies with SoCal A.Q.M.D. regulations.

DIRECTIONS: Surface must be clean, visibly dry, and free from sealers and contaminants. Remember; you are enhancing your stone, so you want to enhance a substrate that is as clean as possible. Protect areas you do not intend to enhance, or seal. Wear protective gloves and a respirator. You  can use kitchen type rubber gloves. This is a water based product, under 100 v.o.c., but it has the stickiness of a lacquer. We recommend avoiding contact with skin, or exposing yourself to vapors.

Less is more. De not over apply, or use multiple coats as you would with a sealer. Spray on a light coat where the spray just has droplets on the surface. Then take a rag, and buff the 848 into the stone. Wait 10 minutes then buff again. If more depth of color is needed; apply again with follow the above instructions.

After use clean appplicators with paint thinner, or WD-40  then rinse with soap and water. Clean and discard rags, and containers in accordance with all local, state, and federal disposal regulations.

Apply with a sprayer, sponge, brush, or lambs wool cloth. Less is more. Do not over apply. Work 848 into the surface. Depending on the finish look desired;  immediately buff the surface dry, then wait ten minutes and buff the surface again. If you then feel you want more enhancement, then apply more and buff again.

When using as a pre-grout sealer; wait until the 4th day to grout. Be sure the grout is fully cured prior to finishing sealing and polishing the grout, and stone surfaces. If used exterior; keep surface dry 72 hours after application. For large floor areas; use of a floor buffer is necessary. If you do not own one; you can rent one at your local janitorial supply house or big box Home Improvement Center.

As long as you do not over apply 848; most of the curing time is up to 72 hours at temperatures above 70 degrees, although foot traffic should o.k. in 2 or 3 hours. 

COVERAGE: One quart of 848 Color Enhancer will cover between approximately 50 to 400 sq. ft. depending on porosity. Dense stones most likely will only require one good application, but more interesting results often come with multiple coats. On porous stone; let cure between coats.

LIMITS: do not use below 60 F. , but preferably above 70. When testing for desired look and stain protection, allow 72 hours for total curing.

CAUTION: Use protective gloves when applying. Avoid contact with skin. Prolonged exposure to vapors may be harmful or fatal. Use in well-ventilated area. In conditions which do not permit good ventilation, use of a two cartidge carbon breathing mask is required.

NOTICE 1: Once enhanced and sealed; you cannot bring back the original look of your stone. It is your responsibility to test , and to determine the finished look and ability to seal on an un-installed sample, prior to enhancing your project with 848. Mask and protect any adjacent areas you do not intend to enhance with plastic.

NOTICE 2: Our only obligation shall be to refund the purchase price or replace any of our product proven to be defective. Beyond the purchase price of materials supplied by us, we assume no liability for damages of any kind, and the user accepts this product "as is" and without warranties either expressed or implied. The suitability of this product for an intended use shall be soley up to the user.




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848 Color Enhancer is available in quarts and gallons

The suggested  retail price is $28.26 per quart and $70.52 per gallon - f.o.b. North Hollywood, Ca.