water based

INVISI-GUARD is listed online by the Southern California Air Quality Management District
as a "SUPER COMPLIANT" product !

the ultimate invisible protection
all plaster, stucco, marble, granite, travertine, polished stones,
limestone, concrete, clay and most porous surfaces

  • Nearly Invisible
  • Water Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Oil Resistant
  • under 1 v.o.c.


    Invisi Guard label
    When it comes to invisible;
    you must see Invisi-Guard.
    Outperforms any solvent, or water-based sealer.

    Invisi Guard on Marble Invisi Guard on cantera Invisi Guard on Concret cat Invisi Guard on granite Invisi Guard on cantera 2
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    is THE sealer of choice on marble, granite,
    tumbled stones, concrete, flagstone, limestone, travertine, clay, stucco, brick,
    pavers, slate and all masonry surfaces.

    When you want protection against water, stains, and oil, but don't want the surface to look sealed;
    it's Invisi-Guard.

    This is water-based, but performs BETTER THAN ANY OTHER IMPREGNATOR !
    Very low odor, but stunning results.
    Air Quality Officials know us as "...innovators in low v.o.c. technology...."
    Complies with ALL SoCal A.Q.M.D. requirements.

    Invisi-Guard Tech Sheet

    Invisi-Guard SAFETY DATA SHEET

    Invisi-Guard is the high quality Impregnating Sealer
    that provides the highest degree of stain resistance.
    Never before has a high grade, one step, multi-purpose impregnating sealer, been available as a water based product.

    Invisi-Guard is formulated with a chemical process that performs like a solvent based sealer.
    This  California "proof of concept" product is 1.8 v.o.c. demonstrating that the best impregnating sealer
    is near 0 v.o.c., and not over 700 as some are.

    Our proprietary formula and process, spins these ingredients at very high speed, into a very stable emulsion.
    Once the water evaporates from the product;
    the results are stunning.

    Just apply, and let Invisi-Guard do the rest.
    Seal and protect your fine stone products with confidence !
    Invisi-Guard is breathable.

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    USES: Use on unglazed tile, limestone, polished or un-polished marble, travertine, flagstone, cement, tumbled stones, paver tiles, natural stones, granite, stucco, brick and slate.

    This is an indoor/ outdoor product. This is the product to use when you have a stone such as polished marble, or polished granite, that are not porous enough to accept film forming gloss, or semi-gloss sealers, and can not be sealed with penentrating sealers which will etch the surface. 

    Invisi-Guard will maintain the un-sealed look, while protecting the surface from staining. You can also use this on porous stones, clay, concrete, tumbled marble, brick, and slate where you want a good level of stain protection, but again want to maintain the un-sealed look.

    For best results this is a stand alone product.

    Remember  on porous stones, you will always get better results from a semi-gloss (646 or 646 Plus), or high gloss (686 Plus) film forming sealers.
    Having said that; these will perform better than ANY impregnating, or penetrating sealer.
    If you are planning on using a film forming sealer such as 646 or 686; do not use impregnating, or penetrating sealers first. These will create a bond breaker by filling in
    the pores. Gloss and semi-gloss sealers NEED to be well absorbed into the stone to properly function.

    DIRECTIONS: First be sure surface is clean, dry and free of other coating, or contamination. Apply with sponge, roller, brush or sprayer. Do not leave puddling. 
    Buff surface dry, immediatly with a rag, or paper towel. It does not have a tendency to leave ugly residues as some other products do; but the wiping action helps to spread and work the product into the pores. Apply a second coat in the same manner, if desired... as the first coat, after 30 minutes at normal temperatures (70-85 degrees). 
    Always test Invisi-Guard on an un-installed sample to determine suitability.

    Impregnators are reactive  products, and you should TEST before using.
    If you have not used Invisi-Guard before on the type of surface you are sealing; test on an un-installed sample. Invisi-Guard may slightly darken, or lighten the surface.

    When you are looking to have a semi-gloss look; do not use Invisi-Guard. Use our 646 Plus. 
    Looking for a very high gloss finish use 686 Plus. Invisi-Guard is for the UNSEALED LOOK...

    LIMITS: Do not use Invisi-Guard as a pre-grout sealer, if you intend to use a semi-gloss, or high gloss sealer after grouting. 
    Invisi-Guard provides a serious barrier, that blocks gloss sealers from proper adhesion. Only use this product when you want to maintain the "Un-sealed Look". 
    Do not use below 55 degrees, or above 90 degrees F.

    COVERAGE: Invis-Guard will cover between 150 to 1000 sq. feet per gallon. Each surface differs in its porosity, which affects the amount 
    of sealer used. There is a big difference in porosity, between a concrete paver, and polished marble.
    This is the amount of sealer we estimate it will take to completely seal a given area, when applied, as per the above directions.

    CURING TIME: Invisi-Guard is the first water-based impregnator to cure as fast. or faster than oil-based products. It shows great rejection shortly after the surface is dry, although total curing time is 24 to 48 hours.

    SEALANT LIFE: The protection should last up to 10 years, although traffic, weather, type of substrate, or extreme cleaning may shorten protection. Periodically test with sealer for absorption. If any is detected, re-coat.
    As with all impregnating products, these are "maintenance products".

    NOTICE: Our only obligation shall be to refund purchase price, or replace any of our product proved to be defective. Beyond the purchase price of materials supplied by us, we assume no liability for damages of any kind, and the user accepts the product "as is", and without warranties, either expressed, or implied. The suitability of the product for an intended use, shall be solely up to the user.


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    Invisi-Guard is available in quarts, gallons, and 5 gallon pails.

    Suggested retail price is $79.28 per gallon - f.o.b. North Hollywood, Ca.